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Bad News To Kenyans After The Experts Reveals What Is Happening To The High School Going Students

The world is still struggling to contain covid 19 pandemic. The disease has taken more lives globally. Although numerous measures are being employed, the disease is still not under control. World scientists and leaders are working tirelessly to ensure more people are vaccinated against covid 19 virus. The serious challenges facing covid 19 control are conspiracy theories and inadequate supply of vaccines globally.

HIV/ AIDS is another forgotten pandemic. This virus has been with us for more than thirty years now. Although vigorous campaigns are being used to end HIV, the new trend is worrying. According to the experts, there is high spread of this virus within the 15-24 cohort. Most of these youths are in secondary schools. This is another disaster in waiting because these people are sexually active.

All stakeholders should come together and address this issue before it gets out of hand. Initially, the spreading of HIV was taking place among the married and old people above thirty five years. The virus is spreading faster in the villages than in towns as it used to be. What is complicating the matter is the poverty and vulnerability of young boys and girls in the countrysides.

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