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Bachelor of Commerce And It's Major Fields Of Specialization.

Commerce is a business oriented course offered in different universities in Kenya.

In the business world it is one of the most marketable jobs and guarantees students chances of employment after school.

It takes four years of study for one to be awarded a degree.

These are some of the best Universities where you can study Commerce

1. University of Nairobi

2. Moi University

3. Egerton University

4. Kenyatta University

In order to qualify for this course, the following grades should be met :

- minimum grade of C plus

- B plus in Mathematics and Business Studies

- C plus in Language subjects.

Commerce has been divided into various groups which students should specialize in after two years of study i.e First and second year.

These fields are as described below;

1. Accounting

It's the most common field which many people prefer to study because it forms the basic foundation for accountants .

Basically, accounting refers to the recording , analyzing, revising and summarizing the transactions and events that occur in the daily life of an organization.

Thus commerce aims at providing the necessary skills that accountants need so as to carry out these activities.

This field earns one a chance of getting a job as financial manager, auditor, forensic accountant, public accountant etc.

2. Finance

Deals with management and allocation of funds plus studying the state of markets in order to determine performance of projects and investments.

It instills the basic knowledge in determining cash outflows, inflows, increments, leverages and dividend payments.

Banks and other companies employ students from this field as financial analysts, advisors, insurance managers and investment managers.

3. Marketing

This is more of advertising and publicising products in the market.

It involves promoting a certain product through selling, communicating and delivering the product.

Marketing in advertising means creating a good/service, branding it, telling people about it and it's prices, delivering to customers and also improving / modifying the existing products.

Therefore this field trains learners communication skills ( nice language to approach customers) , ways of identifying the right customers to buy your good, best and timely means of delivery plus best platforms to use in advertising.

With knowledge and skills in marketing, several jobs such as product marketing manager, marketing analyst, research analyst, brand manager, advertising manager etc.

4. Human Resource Management

Concerned with the distribution and allocation of resources to users in a market economy.

One characteristic of resources is that they are scarce and therefore proper management is required to prevent wastage.

Therefore , students in this area are taught how to effectively and efficiently plan on usage of the available resources. Learners also get skills in how to recruit, hire, train , motivate and maintain employees by training them.

Jobs available in human resource management field are ; labor relations manager, resource assistant/ coordinator/ generalist, employment/ recruitment specialist.

Note: It is always advisable that students should also add value to Bachelor of Commerce by studying CPA, CS and CIFA, since these courses earn them a competitive advantage in the job market.

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