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" Majority Of Learners Are Not Wearing Masks," Experts Reveals Worrying Details Again About Schools

Education is everything nowadays and all pupils should go to school. The government have improved infrastructure in different schools by investing billions of money.

Unfortunately, some schools in the country are not following Covid-19 directives from the Ministry Of Health.

According to the source, it has been reported that, many schools are not following Covid-19 protocols. Many students are not wearing mask properly while others are not keeping social distance. This has been caused by inadequate funds from the government.

Furthermore, many parents are unable to buy masks for their children because of Covid-19 epidemic in the country which has affected many sectors.

According to Consortium (CRECO) many needy students are learning in schools without wearing mask.These are bad news to all Kenyans because many students are not wearing mask in schools or even keeping social distance is a problem.

My opinion.

My opinion is that are schools in the country should be closed immediately to protect our children. It will be so sad if many children contract Covid-19 infections in schools. Our beloved president Uhuru Kenyatta should close schools immediately until all schools follow Covid-19 guidelines from the Ministry Of Health.

What are your views?

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