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Degrees That Will Always Be In Demand In Kenya

Below are some of the courses that will always be on high demand in Kenya.

1. Degree in Information Technology. With technological advancement,comes IT expert. Organizations will always require experts to handle all their IT work making a degree in IT very marketable and highly demanded course in Kenya.

2. Degree in Health Sciences. It includes medicine and surgery,pharmacy,clinical medicine,nursing,medical laboratory among others.

3. Finance and Accounting. Companies will always need accountants and financial experts.

4. Engineering. It comprises of civil, electrical and mechanical engineering. Though an engineering course is considered to be hard but it will always be marketable.

5. Communication sciences. It comprises of anchors, editors, presenters, hosts, reporters etc. It is suitable for those with passion in journalism and mass communication.

6. Software engineering. Their main role is to program and design computer system software.

4. Degree in Architecture. It continues to be marketable with the increase in number of real estate firms in the country.

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