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A Resigning Teacher Elicits Reactions After Leaving A Powerful Message On What Teachers Should Do

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"Just because you can stay silent doesn't mean that you should" This is a powerful message that is easier said than done. Standing up and speaking out when need be is one of the most difficult issues in society today. This is due to the fear of the response from society and how one will be charged after expressing themselves and this calls for silence in suffering.

One courageous American teacher has decided to stand out and explain why teachers in the USA are resigning at an alarming rate. She has compared being a teacher to a bad marriage where the wife only stays because of the children and tries to make the marriage work.As she resigns, she actually says that speaking out their problems to those concerned is like speaking to the wind and hence no need to waste their breath.

Following this powerful message, many have reacted saying that teachers deserve better and the children too as others suggest that this lady deserves to be the CS of Education.

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