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Things That Most Universities Students Fear While In Campuses (opinion)

Campus Life is full of freedoms though learners still face some challenges.The following are things that most university students fear while at school.


This is mostly brought by failing to clear the semester fees.This affects learners because it makes them to have pending semester and units thus delaying their graduations.


This refers to examination students resit after performing dismally in a particular subjects.The exams is normally issued after paying the stipulated amount.These normally forced many students to study smart when exams are approaching.


This is the worse state since universities does not provide meals thus forcing the students to boycott classes to go and hustle in order to meet their basic needs.


Majority of students tends to visit friends regularly in order to avoid being bored or go for outings.Besides some choose to be single due to fear of being heartbroken.

The government should implement guidance and counseling programs in campus to enable learners learn how to deal with individuals difference.

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