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Why Schools Are Registering Ghost Students [Opinion]

Over the last few years, the ministry of education has been faces with a huge problem of public and private schools registering ghost students for national examinations. Though the ministry of education has promised to investigate and do away with the registration of ghost students completely, it's high time we look at the reasons why school commit such a illegal act.

1. Low number of candidates in a school.

Since the ministry of education directed that schools with less than 30 students should merge to form an examination centre, school principals and headmasters found a trick to avoid merging together. The school usually registers ghost students for national examinations so as to attain the required minimum of 30 students.

2. Schools being located in very remote and sparsely populated area.

Most schools in Kenya, especially primary schools, are located in areas which do not have many residents. It would very difficult for principals and headteachers to find a nearby school to merge with. This forces them to register ghost students as the only way to avoid being denied opportunity to register their candidates for national examinations.

These are the main reasons for the registration of ghost students. However, there are reasons like deliberate decision by prestigious private schools among many other reasons.

What is your take on registration of ghost students?

What do you think can be done.

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