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How To Make Learners Like You When you are A Teacher (opinion)

Every school setting has different challenges associated with teaching. A teacher's role is to overcome all these barriers and make the best out of learners.

As a teacher, you should know that learners want to be taken seriously, challenged to think, shown they can make a difference, pointed towards their goals, let do it their way, made feel important, helped build on their interests, helped tap out their creativity, bring out their best self, helped nurture their self-respect... you can fill the list.

I remember my primary science teacher who would come to class take 10 minutes making jokes and fans. I would laugh until tears roll down chicks. I liked the teacher and consequently passed in science.

As a teacher, you need to be humorous and friendly. This will make learners enjoy what you teach and pass in your subject.

Once in a while, show students love by buying them sweets, maandazis. They will feel the connection and indented to you. Isn't that what we all want as teachers?

Give students a chance once in a while to teach their fellows. This makes them feel important and allow them to do it their way. Students learn best from their peers because of the simple language they use.

Identify learners with talents, nurture them to bring out the best from them. If you have skills in poetry, pass it onto learners who are interested in the same. They won't forget you forever.

Always use positive words to compliment learners, encourage them, and make them feel they can do adequately.

Thank you for reading, if you have anything to add hit the comment box.

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