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Primary Education


Embracing Competency based curriculum

Competency based curriculum is good but the problem is that; we are not ready in terms of implementation and preparedness.

Competency based curriculum unlike the 8_4_4 ,enables learners to venture into many fields because, apart from learning ,pupils will be enabled to venture into other competencies which will be of benefit in their future lives.

Upto this moment, there is still a debate on where the junior high school will be placed . Will it be in Primary or Secondary school? Bearing in mind ,in highSchool there are four classes and in Primary School there are no facilities, which enables a highschool to operate like the laboratories .

If all these had been put into consideration then we would be sailing on smoothly .

As much as Competency based is not exam oriented, at the end of the day what will place a pupil to a National school?

At the end of the day ,exams will still be of use that's why K.C.P.E should have remained in place, to enable relevance of education.

Cbc takes learning to learners let's all embrace it and adjust on few areas.

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