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The Fate Of CBC In Kenya

As law society of Kenya president Nelson Havi prepares a petition against the competency based curriculum,here are some of the facts we need to know.

Competency based curriculum assumes that there was no education system in Kenya before.Instead of building on what was there it imposes a system straight from another country.

Secondly,it ignores all the realities that existed in Kenya and assumes that what has worked elsewhere will work here.The countries quoted in the document such as Germany, Malaysia,Finland,Sweden and India have different economic and cultural realities.

The curriculum assumes that all the infrastructure,manpower and materials that are required to run exist in the country which is not correct.It assumes that we have uniform standards of living as you would find in a highly developed country.

For instance,it says that ICT will be at the centre of the implementation,thus assumes everyone involved in it has ICT equipment and is ICT literate.

It ignores the fact that we have curricular and extra curricular activities,as it offers a baseless proposal that one cannot be successful in both curricular and extracurricular activities.If you are good in sports you are assumed unfit for academia.

Cbc confuses basic education with tertiary education as it proposes that after senior secondary school some students will receive artisan certification and go into employment.If secondary schools are for attaining work skills what's the role of higher education, and how do you certify a 17 year old for employment?.

The curriculum assumes that the country has no unemployment challenge.This means a 14 year old is condemned to a rigid career path with the assumption that enough job vacancies awaits them as nothing can be further from the reality.

It is clear to me that these are foreign inspired ideas.The ideas have been imported and imposed without local adaptation and as a country,we need to critically examine this system.We should suspend it immediately until all concerns raised are addressed and trace our path back to the original 8-4-4 curriculum.

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