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Alice Nganga: Jamhuri Primary School In Thika To Be Converted In February

The Jamhuri primary school in Thika will be converted into a secondary school for mixed students. Member of Parliament for Thika Mrs Alice Ng'ang'a made the statement when she visited the primary school to assess its condition.

She said the program will be officially launched in February especially for students who have completed the eighth grade preparing to enter the first form.

She said students who were studying in the primary phases will be distributed in primary schools located in Thika town which are General Kago, Thika Muslim, St Patricks and Mugumuini among other schools.

"Parents should not have any worries about how things will go, they should be calm because everything will be conducted in the proper order," explained the member of parliament.

She explained that this time parents will have to explain the talent that their son has so that it will also be considered in studies for his or her future life.

Regarding students hoping to join the first form, the member of parliament advised their parents to immediately start arriving at the Jamhuri primary school so that they can get more guidance on how to register.

"Because it will be turned into a hybrid high school, we want to see the first 80 students who will register so that we can see the possibility of continuing further," said the member of parliament.

She said the government is already planning to send nine teachers who have qualified from the TSC commission, to start work by training the first form students who will register there.

She said the parents who present themselves first, will be given priority for getting a place and will also be told the actual color of the school uniforms. She said that in the next few weeks, laboratories, modern toilets and kitchens will be built immediately.

She said that the town of Thika has a large number of residents and therefore many children miss school especially the first form.

She said that during his term of office she will ensure that the development funds of NG-CDF are distributed equally without favoritism and she will make efforts to improve the condition of studies in his constituency of Thika Parliament.

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