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Good News To All Students In Kenya

Today Wednesday 21st July marks a 5th day since students broke for their short Holliday. On date 16th this month July students stared breaking for their holidays which is approximately taking 10 days before they get back to their academic activities.

In both primary and secondary schools, immediately after the holiday break period set is over, students are then be expected to get back to their various schools for the new term to start. Next week on date 26th, they will then starting reporting back.

This is following the new school calendar which was developed by ministry of Education together with his team after the former academic calendar was affected by the covid-19 pandemic when our country kenya decided to suspend all learning activities as one way of controlling the spread of this pandemic.

Students are therefore have to start preparing themselves since they have remained with less than a week for them being at their homes. Actually this new calendar is of marathon. Students will ought to adjust themselves for them to be able to cope up with this new calendar. This is so because, when following this calendar keenly you will realize that time for students being in holidays are very minimal. Students have set to spend most of their moments being in their schools busy studying.

Also, it is a challenge to all parents and guardians as well since they have to adjust and prepare themselves well on the side of paying school fees for their children. They have no rest. They have to pay fees more than once per year which is opposed as it used to be.

According to the assurance from the ministry of Education professor George Magoha, has fully assure kenyans that we have not to worry since he is doing his level best to push the calendar until it comes to its normality as it used to be. The criteria of reducing the days for holidays, it will highly enable the system to bring things as they used to be.

How do you see this as a really kenyan? Do you have any comment on how our dearest professor George Magoha is really doing his level best? Leave your thinking here and don't forget to like and share mine.

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