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How students can make some cash while at school

How students can make some cash while at school

Are you tired of borrowing money all the time from your guardians, then these are some of the ways that you can use to earn an extra cash from:


Many people think that for you to start a company you need huge Sums of money, but I strongly argue this is not entirely true. All that you need is an idea and start with the little that you have. You only need to identify a business gap in the place that you are and start doing something about it. For example a campus student can decide to buy youth related clothes and shoes, in bulk from the market at a wholesale price and do a door-to-door sell around the school at a profit. With large sales after some time the person may even decide now to open a shop around the school. One can also decide to buy shares from a growing company and earn some interest, however small it may be. Provided your money is growing, however small it may look, you will always have in mind that progress is being made.

2. Part-time job

Some courses done in school do not take the whole day. Therefore, you may find yourself free during most of the time of the day. With proper time arrangements of daily activities, and being social with people, one can be able to get An opportunity to work in a nearby hotel, bakery, shop or even garage.

Some other ways of making money may include freelancing, content writing, programming, and other online related jobs.

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