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Another Major Problem Facing Schools Which Risks Losing the Scores Data for Pupils Undertaking CBC

The headteachers in Primary Schools are facing a tough time trying to upload the marks for the Grade Four pupils. This is the marks for the test that Grade Four pupils did from March 8 to March 19. After marking, the school headteachers are supposed to upload the scores to the Knec portal.

The headteachers have now raised queries that the Kenya National Examinations Council system might be having an issue. The Knec system is expected to save the cumulative data of the performance of each pupil up to when he/she will graduate from the primary school level. Some of the headteachers have now expressed their concern claiming that with this issue the data may be lost which may bring a crisis in future. 

The primary school heads added that they are facing more challenges when uploading the scores for agriculture, science and integrated learning.

This challenge comes as the government is aiming at full implementation of the Competency Based Curriculum. In the new curriculum (CBC), the national examinations which are administered at the end of eight years have been replaced by a new form of formative assessment of pupils. The pupils in primary schools will be assessed in Grades 3, 4, 5 and 6. However the Knec will only use the scores the pupils obtain in grade 4, 5 and 6 in calculating the overall performance as the children complete the primary school education.

The current grade four pupils who will be proceeding to grade five in July will be the first class to undergo this mode of assessment. The marks each pupil will score in grade 4, 5 and 6 will take 60% of the total grade the learners will get at the end of primary school education.

After the completion of grade 6, the pupils will undergo summative assessment which will replace the current national examination which is done after completing class 8. This summative assessment will contribute to 40% of the total grade scored by the learners at the end of primary school education.

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