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Competency Based Curriculum in Kenya

The term Competency Based Curriculum was our upbringing structure that changed the 8-4-4 system in our country,that was established in the year 2017.It was initiated to nurture the system have an occasion for the upshot of erudition to embolden an instructor to convey their career.

The Curriculum in Kenya was introduced to every Kenyan to transform into a better citizen,by equipping skills,opportunity to every Kenyan,learners who need to move ahead with their career of education.

Benefits of Competency Based Curriculum to Kenya.

The Curriculum has enabled learner's with multifarious occasions for learners,all the way that aids them to expand their knack.The Curriculum has broaden unambiguous posture in the education sector through enabling learners to the reachable upbringing moments.The system has a latent demand of a particular pupil/beginner under pliable structure and also the way it changes the position of the abecedarian requisition.The Curriculum has accelerated the inscrutability of development in leaning the apprehension skillfulness and demeanour of the neophytes in our country.

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Therefore we as Kenyans,we should be able to learn that the system has acquired an accurate heed as to more organization/establishment in elaborating the prospectus in our system.It has also procured approval with trainees due to it's stretchy system that is being applicable to a certain profession.

The Curriculum has helped most of our leaning institutions on verifiable existence handiness and also in a suitable phenomenon.In the system the Curriculum syllabus is visualized for suitable learning, that is almost demanded by most of our learners in their livehood.

Also the system has enabled the whole World,more so here in Kenya to transform and indenture into a high minded inhabitant.This has executed by virtue of purveying quickness and discernment to most of our learners in our Country.

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