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Good News To Graduate Teachers as They Will be Greatest Beneficiaries In Next Recruitment Exercise

Secondary schools have been having a shortage since 100% transition from primary was introduced and more shortage is looming as double intake for both junior and will take place as from January 2023 that will see more teachers needed in secondary than primary schools.

To reduce this, the teachers employer has started addressing the issue and will continue to employ more teachers to secondary schools. Following latest advertisement, they have advertised for more than 5000 vacancies for secondary schools whereby 4000,will be for new recruit, 1000 for qualified primary school graduates who will be deployed to secondary schools while there will be more than 600 to replace those who have exited service. This is good news therefore to the graduate teachers both in primary and secondary as they will be the greatest beneficiaries of the next recruitment exercise coming July as many unemployed teachers will get jobs.

All those who have qualified should therefore visit tsc website and make their online applications.

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