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Social Distancing Will Remain A 'Scam' In Kenyan Universities, As A Covid-19 Guideline; Opinion


Currently the covid-19 pandemic positive cases are still high.The health department is emphasizing on the need to adhere to covid-19 guidelines.However schools are among sectors that are strictly following this protocols.Wearing masks, keeping social distance and washing hands are among the major directives.However in the higher institutions maintaining 1.5metres social distance is a main challenge.The following are some reasons why social distancing is difficult in universities;

1.High Number Of Population In Class Setting.

Number of learners who attend a particular lecture are very many compared to the class size.For this reasons learners are forced to squeeze within the class and attend the lecture.This is mainly a challenge especially to the developing campuses.

2.Inadequate Resources In School.

Some items which are shared among students may violate the protocol of social distancing.Practical lessons attended in the laboratories leads to learners crowding together to access materials that are scarce to be distributed to everyone.This is mainly affected by more number of student studying the same case.

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