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Is CBC a Comeback of Traditional African Education System?

Education in Africa has a long history that goes past colonial times. Historically, there is evidence to support this.

Sakore University which is one of the world's oldest universities is found in Timbuktu, Mali. The university dates back to 1200 AD.

The oldest known mathematical tool in the world is the Lebombo bone (35,000 years) which was discovered in Swaziland, Southern Africa. It is a simple bone that had 29 markings. It is believed that the people used it in counting days of the month.

Another early mathematical tool, Ishango bone was discovered in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It dates back to 20, 000 years.

The pre-colonial education system in Africa was more of a practical one. Its main aim was to prepare children for the real world. People were divided into age sets where tasks got complex with an increase in age.

That is why you will find out that people our age during historical times could perform tasks that we can not do now. CBC system which is like the traditional education system will rectify that. Currently, you can find a form four leaver who can not do simple practical tasks change a bulb on their own. Some people have to hire a technician for those simple tasks.

More shocking, is that you will also find grown-ups who can not perform household chores like cooking and cleaning the house. Some of them are educated individuals.

I can attest to this from a private experience. One day while at home for my short holiday, a neighbour told me to help fix her television connections. The reason why she chose me was that I was a university student so I knew a lot of things.

I completely had no idea about electronics but I decided to give it a trial which I succeeded. These are among the things the children will have to face later in life but thanks to CBC for teaching them at an early age. A simple connection that required me to check the colours and match them would have embarrassed me that day.

Some of those practical skills in CBC should have been taught by parents. Nowadays parents have busy schedules so let the teachers take the task.

Recently, videos and photos were circulating, showing how CBC classes are going on. I would say that that is commendable. Young children are doing tasks that I learnt them later in life. I was challenged by some young boys who were cooking chapatis.

The curriculum is moving from theoretically based to being more practical based. The practical lessons make the children familiarize themselves with real-life situations.

It also helps parents and teachers identity a child's interests. This makes it easy for them to groom the child for its future life. This makes career-building effective.

We should support the government in implementing this program. Parents should cooperate with teachers where necessary. In the end, the CBC program is all for the good of the children. Those trained children will also be of help to the parents in household chores.

Content created and supplied by: Chiro_Martin (via Opera News )

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