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Bad News To Teachers As MoH Gives Out The Number Of Teachers Who Have Received Covid-19 Second Dose

The government in collaboration with the ministry of health, is trying its best to prevent further spread of Covid-19 pandemic, yo ensure this, all adults adults are to receive Covid-19 jabs.

The government is targeting to vaccinate 26 million adults by the end of next year. With 10 million of the population to be vaccinated by Christmas this year.

From the report given on Tuesday 24, August, the ministry of health has already managed to vaccinate 2, 501, 198. 1, 714,858 are first doses while 786,340 are second doses

It is now mandatory for all civil servants and teachers to get Covid-19 jab to curb the spread of disease. For instance, TSC ordered that all teachers were supposed to get vaccine latest by yesterday.

According to teachers' employer (TCS), teachers who will not receive the Covid-19 jab might miss their salaries.

However, according to the report give by the ministry of health, today, it is only 119,169 teachers that have received the second dose. This implies that more teachers are yet to get the second dose.

Does this mean that many teachers will miss their salaries?

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