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Kabi WaJesus Mocks The CBC Curriculum By Burying His Son Taji From The Chest Downwards (Photo)

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Kenya's new education curriculum Competency-based Curriculum popularly known as CBC has had its fair share of challenges in the recent weeks with most parents venting their frustrations at the system. They pointed out that the system is very demanding as well as very costly as the learners are required to take part in many activities that require financial backing and this has greatly affected families from low-income areas.[Photo courtesy]

However, netizens have been creating memes online throwing banter at some of the takeaway assignments that are purposed to improve the students' creativity with the help of their parents. Earlier today popular YouTuber Kabi WaJesus posted a photo of himself burying part of his son in the sand as he captioned "CBC imeanza mapema. with the help of your parent bury yourself 🤣😂🤣 @tajiwajesus Let's do this." Memes have been circulating online and Kabi wa left out as he took a jibe at the system, however, his son Taji is yet to start school but he takes creativity lessons from a teacher who homeschools him.[Photo courtesy]

Netizens flocked into the comment section and here is a sample of their reactions.[Photos courtesy]

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