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Ndaluni Secondary School: Form One Student Beats His Colleague To Death

Up to the time of articulation of this article is not yet clear what circumstances resulted in a fight between two students which lead to the demise of one of them. with regards to Mr Kazungu Charo who is the OCPD of Mwingi West, they are still proceeding with the investigation of what resulted in a form one student fighting his college student to a point that he died.

The reports say that the form one student of Ndaluni secondary school which is located in Kyome/Thaana ward in Mwingi West, in the county of Kitui that two students fought until one died. One of the students beats then another colleague until he collapsed unconsciously. On a sad note, he perished on the way while he was being rushed to Mwingi level 4 hospital for medical attention.

The culprit was arrested by police as further investigations are proceeding. Responsible authorities are asking why more than one hundred teachers in the school never recognized the fight and stopped the students from fighting till death.


Dear reader wht do you think it needs to be done to ensure peace and unity at our schools? Feel free to drop your comment.

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