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How Bomet Graduate's Certificates were Allegedly Stolen, Used to Secure Top County Job for Another Person

The family of Winnie Chepkomei is calling on the DMIC to investigate a case where their daughter's diploma in business administration was allegedly stolen. They claim that the certificate was given to someone using the same name.

The family of Winnie Chepkemoi is calling on the Directorate of Criminal Investigations to launch an inquiry into a case where they claim their daughter's ( Winnie Chepkemoi ) Diploma Certificate in Business Administration was stollen and used to secure a top county job for a person with the same name.

Her mother who is a retired teacher says that her neighbor and a former student approached her asking about he daughter's education. "I told him that he studied Business Administration. He then said that a lot of jobs were available in the County Government for people with such qualifications," says Chepkemoi's mother.

The neighbor asked for the certificates then volunteered to link Chepkemoi to a county job in Bomet. "After two weeks, he returned the original certificates not knowing that he had photocopied them," says the Winnie's mother.

The family later later learnt that the man gave the certificates to his cousin who happened to share the same name with their daughter. She went on and used the certificate to get a well paying job in the county government of Bomet.

Winnie Chepkemoi ( 2 ) who is being accused of stealing the certificates has a different story. She says she bought the certificates at three hundred thousand shillings. "The family has decided to accuse me of stealing the certificate since I failed to pay them the remaining amount of money," she said. When contacted, Bomet County Governor admitted that three such cases have been reported in the county and investigations are underway.


According to her mother, a retired teacher, Chepkemoi's former student and neighbor approached her about her daughter's education. She said that the former student told her that there were many jobs in the government that people with such credentials could get.

The neighbor then asked for the documents, and the former student agreed to link Chepkemoi to a job in Bomet. After two weeks, the man returned the documents without realizing that they were photocopied. The family later learned that the man who gave the documents to his cousin used the same name as their daughter.

She then proceeded and used the documents to get a well-paying job in the Bomet government. Chepkemoi refuted the allegations, stating that she bought the documents worth about three hundred thousand Kenya shillings. She claims that her family is accusing her of stealing because they did not pay the money. The county governor confirmed that there have been multiple cases of people using the same name and certificate.

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