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New Rules Introduced By TEACHERS SERVICE COMMISSION as they plan To DEPLOY 1000 P1 Teachers

Competency Based Curriculum had brought many changes to school and education sector since arrival.Some changes has to be made and implemented. Both the Ministry of Education and Teachers Service Commission will be affected by these changes.

Teachers Service Commission will have to deploy at least 1000 practicing P1 teachers to secondary school in September this year. Secondary schools have been ordered by Teachers Service Commission to submit various subjects combination needed in their school.

Ministry of Education through parliament gave orders to deploy teachers who had grade c (plain)or below but Teachers service commission have give out different rules; TCS will require only PTE teachers who scored C+ (plus) in KCSE will be considered.

TSC through Dr Nancy Macharia give out fresh details and stopped the automatic promotion of teachers in 2014. "The higher the number of teachers attaining higher Qualifications made the policy fiscally unsustainable" said Dr Macharia.

TSC said any teacher who did not attain a mean grade C+in the KCSE exam will not teach in secondary schools even if they have degree in secondary option.

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