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How second term will run as students report back to school tomorrow.

Learning all over the country was stopped earlier this month so that it gives room for the general election which was conducted a few days ago in a largely peaceful manner.Therefore with the completion of elections and no clear signs of people rioting or a looming post election violence the students can be assured of a safe return back to school.

Students should have reported back to school from as early as Monday of last week but could not because by that time independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission had still not announced the winners of the elections yet.Therefore having the students back to school amidst uncertainty of the election results would out the lives of the students at a great risk since elections bring with it a lot of drama.

All have been well ever and tomorrow your children can safely report back to school without any worry for the continuation of the second term which continues right away.The students are expected to be in school until September 16 which is mathematically just two months from tomorrow as they report back to their respective schools.They will then have a 10 days break before they report back to school again for the third and final term of the year's school calendar while form four and class eight prepare for their national examinations.

This short duration of time is still an effort to try and compensate the time lost during the corona pandemic which wasted almost a whole year of school calendar.Therefore the ministry of education is tirelessly trying to work within the limited time to cover up a bigger portion of the syllabus so as to save time.This short duration may however affect parents and guardians who have a very short time to look for fees for their children in school hence it becomes a great burden on them.

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