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Parents Set to Face Tough Times Ahead of School Resumption

Schools were paralyzed in the better part of the last year 2020. The government, therefore, came up with a new school calendar to try and help learners move on with their learning sessions. Schools broke for a long holiday of seven weeks in March after the second term.

The third term began on 9th May and parents went up and down to look for money for school fees and other expenses for example shopping, pocket money, and others. Schools again broke for half term in week four and are set to resume learning tomorrow 8 June, parents are again expected to organize for transport for their children, shopping and pocket money, in addition, they are also to pay part of the fee if they had not completed yet.

The new school calendar puts parents on their toes and they have to keep looking for money. The third term will end on the 16th of July after which schools will close for ten days before again reopening for the first term of 2021 on the 26th of July. Parents again have to start paying school fees for a new academic year. 2022 will be a historic year having two classes sit for the national exams in the same year. The current form three will sit for KCSE in march, 2022 and the current form two will have their exams in December 2022.

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