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TSC urge Headteachers to Avoid Laxity on TPAD Appraisal

The vetting process that was conducted by the TSC's group of officials from the office of Director - Field Services, revealed that some TPAD accounts for last term were not completed by individual teachers, while other accounts that were submitted to the deputy headteachers for appraisal, were not appraised at all. Moreso, other accounts had been appraised by the deputies, but the headteachers had not countersigned them so that they become certified as required by the commission.

The TSC's director in the docket of Field Services, Mrs Mary Cheptum Rotich, in a recent call to the school administrators, stated that the teachers' employer has come to understand that the school leadership has at some point relaxed in the services rendered to them that could help the commission to achieve its objectives. The laxity, therefore, has made the classroom teachers to assume that the frequency of the commission to follow up on school activities has reduced, and hence such teachers are not taking things with the seriousness they deserve.

The director further stated that the number of teachers who did not complete the TPAD appraisal process has greatly increased, and the problem is reportedly caused by the heads of institutions who do not follow up on the daily reminders that the employer send to them through text messages and also circulars. They are therefore termed as derailing the smooth transition of the commission's termly objectives.

The commission, according to more reports, has also planned to reach out to individual teachers who failed to fully meet the expectations of the employer on TPAD, something that indirectly means that the issue at hand might erupt other past issues that the affected teachers have been failing to do as required by the commission. The director concluded by requesting the headteachers to be vigilant, and ensure that their schools are not affected in any daily activity that the employer wants them to perform.

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