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KNEC Finally Pays Supervisors And Invigilators

After a long wait, teachers are smiling all the to the banks to receive their dues. Thousands of teachers who were contracted to supervise and invigilate the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education in the month of March have received money they worked for from KNEC.

In the past few weeks , teachers have continously agitated for the payment of their dues.The Kenya National Examination Council has a habit of delaying payment for teachers contracted to supervise and invigilate the examination.

This year was a difficult one due to the corona virus pandemic and a number of teachers contracted the virus as they conducted this exercise. The teachers union had requested the examination body to pay the teachers a risk allowance. This wasn't honoured and what was due to them was delayed.

Though the teachers who supervised and invigilated the examination have been payed, teachers who marked the examination are yet to receive their dues. It has been the teachers prayer that KNEC makes prompt payment to stop the protracted conflicts with teachers.

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