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With The Current Positivity Rate All Schools should Be Opened Later [Opinion]

Coronavirus pandemic has brought a lot of challenges in our country with the most affected sector being the Education. For the past two days, the country has witnessed an exponential increase in the in the number of covid-19 patients. This leaves the country in great dilemma as to whether schools will be opened as scheduled or not.

Yesterday it was confirmed that a total of 1,153 tested positive for covid-19. It was also noted that Positivity rate increased up to 12%. This clearly indicates that it is not safe for the government not only to open schools but also to uplift some of the restrictions that were imposed to control the spread of this pandemic.

Therefore in my own opinion, I suggest that matters of schools should be put side aside. Let the government concentrate on how this virus can be defeated. Mass testing and issuing of covid-19 vaccine should begin with immediate effect. I believe this process can be done for a period of 5 months.

The government should also release funds to Schools so that headteachers and principals can start early preparations for school reopening. More classrooms should be built and enough desks/ lockers be bought in order to solve the issue of social distancing. This process can again take a maximum of 4 months. This implies that schools should be opened next year.

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