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Famous Secondary School Burns Down To Ashes

After the government moved to stop the spread, reports of school fires in Kenya have decreased in recent months. Such occurrences, like the one that was reported today, are the result of electrical malfunctions or natural disasters, and in the past, students have burned down schools for a variety of reasons.

Some of them even set fire to schools in an effort to protest the local government. The incidence of fires in our school has decreased over time, but on this day, October 5, 2022, a new incident was reported. Aiyebo Boys School reported a fire incident this afternoon, according to the pertinent daily reports.

Our trusted source claims that in addition to the store, library, and a portion of the teacher's lounge, the school cafeteria was completely destroyed by the fire.When informed, the source said that no one was rescued from the massive fire incident. The school is now assessing the damage after the incident.To ascertain what started the fire, an inquiry has been launched. Later in the day, further information will be disclosed. According to recent news reports, the fire engine that was dispatched to put out the fire fled before arriving at Aiyebo Boys High School.

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