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Teacher's Day: List of 6 Powerful Rich Kenyans Who Started Out as Tutors

Several Kenyans rose to fame after beginning their careers as teachers some of them became wealthy due to their work. As an illustration the late former president Mwai Kibaki began his professional career as a teacher at Makerere University.

In addition wealthy educator Simon Gicharu the creator of Mount Kenya University made his fortune in the field. The international community is celebrating International Teachers Day today, Wednesday, October 5.

Teachers are recognized, appreciated and honored on this day for their service to their students. In Kenya several people who began their careers as teachers went on to become well-known figures and some even made riches from their occupations. has profiled a few Kenyans who began their professional lives in the classroom before rising to prominence to become well-known, influential and wealthy members of society.

Daniel arap Moi 1. The late Daniel arap Moi Kenya's second president began his career as a teacher before entering politics. According to reports the colonial authority prevented Moi from enrolling in Alliance High School thus he enrolled in Tambach Teachers Training College. Later the ex-president attended Kagumo Teacher College.

Before becoming the headmaster of a school in the then-Keiyo District he eventually began teaching at Tambach Teacher Training College. Before entering politics and becoming president from 1978 to 2002, Moi worked as a professional from 1946 to 1955.

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