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Why Some Moi University Students Are Starving

Reading needs energy and a hungry student can't be able to read well and even concentrate in class.Those students in various universities in Kenya are now facing times of economic crisis out there in school.What they do is just suffering in silence and some even communicating through memes.

Some students have been reported fainting in lecture rooms and others locked up in their rooms spending days on a hungry stomach.This has led to poor attendance to lectures.The hunger is said to be because HELB loans are insufficient to cater for all their needs for the whole semester, irresponsible parents,relatives and guardians,poor welfare reach in the institutions and even food in mess is expensive.

It is also believed that university students have many loans in Tala,Branch and other money lending apps in our phones.Normaluze calling them to know how they are fairing on.It is not easy for them yet they are the next leaders of our country.If you have a friend or relative in the institutions,call them and give some hope.

On 8th March,Dr.John Ayeko who is the Dean of Students in Moi University showed compassion to the starving students through the memo below;

That was a good move.The students also took on social media and this is what they had to say about what they are going through.

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Moi Moi University Reading Tala


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