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Why Education Course is Studied By Most Students In the Universities (opinion)

Most of the students always work hard in order to get good grades in high schools so that they may secure universities of choice. Their aim is to pursue better course and which pays highly.

You may even hear some of them talking about their dream career as they join high school. But their dreams usually begin to fed up when things become tough.

For example, a student who was yearning to pursue courses like engineering, medicine, nursing, pharmacy and biological science will end up doing education course. Do you know why this is so? Here are some of the reasons.

1. Students always think that education is the easiest course to study in kenya. Besides, they always know that education is a course that is readily marketable no matter which subjects they will specialize in.

2. They always get advice from people who have no experience in the course they wants to pursue. The advice they always receive from such people is that, "that course is very difficult" or "no one in your family has ever done that course,why pursue it?"

3. The advice they receive from Students who are already in the university. Most of them always say that "inorder to enjoy life in university, pursue easy course such as education". That mentality build in such a student will make him change his or her mind of doing education.

4. Most students don't have the spirit of endurance and working extra hard. So after discovering that the course they are doing requires total attention, they end up changing the course to the easiest which they always prefer education as one.

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