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Secondary Students' Unrest in Schools

Students' unrest is characterised by collective discontent, dysfunctional conditions in educational institutions and concern (of public and students) for change in existing norms.

Concerning students cases of burning school properties which has become the norm trending as at now, it has kept headteacher in dilemma each day. This has led them unable to control them of it. The burning of the school properties has led to more charges to parents due to the cost added due to the occurrence of the cases.

Here are some of the reasons that has led to the students unrest in schools included,

poor school administration where students lack much control by the senior teachers and other teachers

parents' lack of concern of their children where parents are not concern about how their children behave in their respective schools

bad company this is where students form informal groups that lead to misbehaving in their schools they may start by using drugs which are abusing

influence of students into bad company within the school they involve don't cares,rude students in school majority come from rich families where even if much is incured to their parents they are able to pay

strict school rules where students do not experience any freedom to feel comfortable and enjoy the school life this may involve much punishments for small or minor mess

poor diet and bad food in schools this is major where students eat only one diet normally githeri which does not comfort them at school student may decide to strike another food is porridge without sugar these affect students much

poor teacher- student relationship where there is no good relationship between teacher and student ,students may plan their own plans and fail to involve them or student get bored since they ain't relating with their teacher at all

poor leadership this happen where students body or the prefects never listen to the other students point of view concerning their way of school

too much free time in school during weekends this happen where students stay much idle without doing anything in school they may plan to strike mostly they may decide to buy petrol and plan how to burn the school properties

The possible solutions to student's unrest can be as follows:

The Inclusion of Moral Values in the Syllabus: Discipline needs to be taught to the students from the very beginning.

Good Upbringing: The parents should teach their children to adjust in all kinds of situations. Ie showing them the cost of burning school properties.

The respondents attributed the effects of students' unrests to teaching staff:-

demotivation exorbitant school levies, led by striking by students

under enrolment, brought by negative vibe by parents after

falling academic standards due to lack of compact of the school appearance .student may drop much on there academics due to drop of the school mark view

poor performance in examinations this is brought due to the brake of the school monotony

school dropouts through jail much students lose much on their academics and school life due to result of jail they go to experience jail life which is tough.

expulsion and punishment this may involve punishment by teachers,parents and polices

Above all students find themselves in hot soup after all that unrest

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