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Secondary Education


(Opinion) Secondary Schools Should Be Headed By Managers And Not Principals

Secondary schools provide atmost environment for the growth and development of Kenyan child. And therefore the entire period one spends in high school defines who she or he becomes in future. It is for these reason that the discipline of students at these institutions is considered paramount. However, in recent days the country has witnessed many schools being burnt down by the learners.

In this regard there has been debate on whether to introduce corporal punishment back in schools to tame indiscipline. But the real solution lies with the management. Currently, learning institutions are headed by principals who are teachers promoted to administrative posts. Hence they tend to concentrate on academic performance of the school and forget some managerial tactics to put in place.

Looking at such scenario, there is need for the government to employ managers in these schools to just to manage welfare of learners and easy pressure on teachers. This has worked for health workers where hospital are managed by people who are not medical doctors or nurses.

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