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6 important life lessons you were never taught in school

Stay in school, work hard, be the top student, go to University and get a good job. Do these things, and someday you will be successful.

It is really a big discouragement when you do all these things and still end up scrubbing soup containers at your local Mandazi kiosk or picking tea in your village farm for a minimum wage.

Thankfully, we are talented in different ways. Today, there is more to life than what the education system has always taught us.

Failure is good

In school, we were taught to avoid failure and that is why some of us stooped to nearly unspeakable levels just to “pass exams”.

creative ones hacked into the school system and tried to change their results.

 It’s Good To Be In Many Relationships

Yes, it is good to have many relationships because that’s exactly how networks are built.

Probably back in school they told you that “you did not come here to build friends, you came here to learn”.

Perfectionism has no place in real life

There was always that one student in class who seemed to do everything right. He understood mathematics, was always in time for his lessons, had a good handwriting and never dozed off even when a boring teacher came in.

Hire those who are better than you

Class-work taught us to be competitive and to some extent the spirit of competitiveness ended up dividing us into cohorts that never mingled.

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