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Opinion: Why Competency Based curriculum CBC should be stopped

Let's take a keen look at the current Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) and what you should know as a Kenyan.

The very first thing you should know as a Kenyan is that you should always spend some good time to understand what you are fighting and what you against 'cause at times we fight that which will benefit us and we end up losing.

We spite our faces by cutting our noses which make us look way so ugly as Kenyans.

CBC which is a 2-6-3-3 system.

It comprises of two years of Pres primary education,six years of primary education,three years of junior secondary education,three years of senior secondary education and three (minimum) years of university education.

It's a system that separates wheat from chaff for from am early age children are able yo know whether they best give out their best in the fields or in the labs,in the waters or in the lands.

Despite the costs that parents will be forced to incurred, CBC is a system that ought to be embraced by all and sundry.

Another thing we should all check as county is the kind of info that the curriculum feeds the children.

We as well do not want their morals to erode in the name of practically showing theory to them,if you know you know.

And for bonus sake,8-4-4 covered a whooping eighteen years of schooling,CBC is less by one, it's only seventeen years,now you know.

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