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Boarding schools Add No Value, KUPPET Secretary General Says

Mr. Akello Misori, secretary general of the Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers, told the teachers today that all boarding schools had to be eliminated because they don't offer anything in the way of benefits.

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In the opinion of Akello Misori, the majority of pupils waste their time and exhibit poor behavior since they don't spend enough time with their parents because they are so frequently absent from school.

He claims that because their parents watch them attentively when they get home in the evening, day school students are typically more well-behaved than their boarding school counterparts.

Additionally, according to the KUPPET secretary, boarding students frequently spend a lot of money and do worse than their day school peers.

The Kuppet secretary is a huge relief for all parents. React to boarding schools being abolished. Now our question is the number of students who come from different places, and that makes it hard for parents because every parent takes her students to a school that is performing well. Please let us share ideas and give your views below.

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