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It's About Time We Have A Real Talk Of What's Really Going On In The Education Sector

With the implementation of the competency based curriculum taking place at a rapid pace various stakeholders in the nation are trying to keep up with the speed the ministry of education has decided to assume.

The new curriculum being received with open hands while objected in equal measure, there has been some new development in the ministry of education asking teachers to go back to colleges to train so as to aquire the necessary skills for the effective implementation of the competency based curriculum and this is where questions are arising.

The government has been calling teachers incompetent and not able to implement the new curriculum in a way they would like to, but there forgetting that teachers and not incompetent by choice but they were taught using a curriculum that was suited to teach the 8-4-4 curriculum that was in place so their argument it's void.

We are yet to understand why would teachers undergo extra charges to pay for the 9 months training that the government has impromptu introduced why not pay it for teachers?

These teachers you're commanding to undergo this training a majority of them are not employed by the government as they depend on school boards for who offer late and substandard salary in comparison to the services they offer, but you're telling them if you'll not dig dipper into your empty pockets you'll be considered unworthy to being recognized a teacher.

Has the government give it a thought that these are people with families, with the new measures teacher's have to apply in the government recognized colleges to secure a slot in the respective institution for a 9 months training.

Supposedly a teacher is called to a college that's a far from their location, why don't they organize these training where every teacher would find comfortable to attend.

There's the issue of internships , a graduate went through teaching practice for three months but still is considered inexperienced. You're telling them to apply for internship where thousands attend and a school only has two empty slots.

The one who are fortunate to earn that chance, are again told to undergo another second internship so as to increase their chances to secure employment with the teachers service commission. On top of that there's this new training looming which is self sponsored.

The stake holders in the education sector are working independently against each other, KNUT and KUPPET have become spinless, The PTA has decided to go the ministry way and the ministry of education has decided to assume the dictatorial line all these at the expense of the important agent's the teacher and the students.

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