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All First Time Loan Applicants Receive Crucial Message From HELB

Higher education loan board (HELB) has been committed to help the needy students to manage the completion of their further studies through support in disbursing the tuition fee for each qualified learner over the past many years.

However, the out break of the Covid 19 pandemic pandemic has in many ways attempt to disorganize the Higher education loan board (HELB) programme, the body has been able to formulate different methods to facilitate the application of loans by students and the disbursement of the loan through a HELB software platforms

Today news for all first time applicants therefore requires all the above mentioned to attend the invitation meeting which will be chaired by the CEO who will communicate on different requirements that most of the time keep confusing the first time applicants.

This meeting will last for one hour starting from 1200hrs to 1300hrs.

All the cabable applicants are therefore urged to ensure they don't miss this special event.

Kindly Share across to help others not to miss this event. Thanks.

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