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How I Was Cushioned From Deferring An Exam By The First Payment From Opera

I narrate my story as follows.It was on 16th,march 2021.When I was in a lecture hall busy revising for the final examination in nursing course which was to be done two days later.The accounts clerk entered the room carrying a list of students who had not fully paid for school fees.Amongst them was me.

We were then send off to bring the fee balance. I slowly packed my books and walked out of the hall my head heavy sandwiched between thoughts.On my way,whenever I remembered how much i had struggled to raise the fee in order to complete the course, I almost went mad.On crossing the other side of the college gate,a thought of post phoning the exam came across.I then went to a nearby tree and sat under it to finalize the issue of deferring the exam.

Slowly by slowly I dozed off due to sleepless nights I had previous days preparing for the exam a head of me.Two hours later,I woke up.And boom,the first message that came on the phone screen was that I have received Ksh 11,500.I couldn't believe my eyes.I started wondering who could have remembered me is such a difficult situation but within a minute I came to my senses that I was a member of Opera news hub writers and maybe we might have been paid.

I quickly opened the opera telegram link of writers from Kenya only to see happy messages of payment slips.I then,realized that for sure it was from Opera.I then stood up and went back to the school and deposited the fee balance of Ksh7,500.This saw me back to exam revision hall within two hours later and the thought of post phoning it got erased from my mind.Two days later,I sat for exam and passed with flying colours.Today i am a nurse by profession courtesy of Opera.Thanks be to Opera creators.

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