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Opinion: Why CBC Implementation is Facing Challenges

The pioneers of the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) are now at grade 5. Come next year May, they will be in grade six which is the final class in primary school. Grade 6 will end on December of 2022 and that means on January of 2023, the CBC pioneer class will be in junior secondary.

There have been wide spread out cry from all corners in the country that the program is not fitting well and that it is not well received in the society. To show that Kenyans are not ready for the program, below are several elements.

To start with, there are no uniform materials which are used for study throughout the country. At some places, learners are forced to improvise learning aids and the materials for improvisation are not even available.

When improvisation finally works, the end products are not fit to help the student or the society in any way.

Photo Courtesy: CBC learning aid

In very many places, parents are crying that the program has been too expensive and that the schools require many items to be purchased. This comes as a burden to the parents since the government sticks to the earlier theory that learning is free.

In yet more saddening reality, teachers have claimed they know nothing about this CBC thing. A good example are the teachers whom Bumula MP spoke of when he was addressing the CBC matter to Magoha. The member of Parliament observed that the Teachers he met confessed to him that they know nothing about the CBC.

Visit any random school and whichever teacher you meet will admit they are not ready of fully aware of what they are teaching. This is saddening since teachers are the implementors of the curriculum, and despite the numerous trainings and workshops they are taken to, the idea of the curriculum has never sank fully to them.

On the confusing bit, the government has settled for the junior secondary to be hosted at the primary schools. Now, speaking to many heads at the primary, they have few classes and lack money to expand for more classes and infrastructure to accommodate extra learners who are expected on January of 2023.

These among other factors clearly proof that Kenyans are not ready for CBC Implementation and although it is a good program, it may require time and more preparation.

Despite all these proofs, the cabinet secretary of education, Pro. Magoha sticks to it that CBC will be implemented and that the Government is ready to do everything including fighting court battles to see CBC work out.

Photo Courtesy:Prof Magoha

Content created and supplied by: MpaulM (via Opera News )

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