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Photo of Graduates Crushing Stones to Earn a Living Sparks Mixed Reactions Among Kenyans

A photo of graduates crushing stones to earn a living has sparked mixed reactions amongst Kenyans. In a post that was shared by Nation TV, the graduates were seen on their routine work carrying out their activities at a local quarry in Bomet County.

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One of the workers is a university graduate with his four colleagues who have diplomas. Kenyans took it to Facebook to express their thoughts on the graduate's decision with a section of netizens blaming the Kenyan market for failing to absorb as many new professionals into various employment sectors as possible.

Some Kenyans said that in as much as knowledge is significant in everyone's life, the improvisation of better ways of earning a living is equally important. One could be educated but fail to effectively tackle the challenges that come with life.

A section of them pointed fingers at the government for failing to create enough opportunities for Kenyans, especially the youth, to secure jobs in the country. On the other had, some argued that the graduates in question could be making triple the amount they could have been earning if they were formally employed.

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