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MP Tim Wanyonyi Offers Sponsorship for 45 Students

It was all smiles, joy and happiness for parents and over 45 students on Friday, March 17 after securing a whole year’s education sponsorship from Westlands MP Tim Wanyonyi through his foundation. 

Through his Tim Wanyonyi Foundation, the MP sponsors students to various schools across the country from Primary school to institutions of Higher learning. 

Some of the students and parents who have already benefited from the Foundation attended the event and spoke of how they are grateful to the MP for offering them a chance to join some of the most prestigious schools across the country.

He advised the students to take education seriously and put in more efforts in a bid to secure their future.

He encouraged them to always think of others and continue with his legacy and bid in offering help to those who need to acquire education. 

“Don’t box yourself in the mindset that you come from a rich or humble background when you are in class. There’s nobody rich or poor in that class, you are all equal. It’s your hard work that will propel you to success,” he advised the beneficiaries.

Mr Wanyonyi stated that his foundation is independent of his political career and uses personal resources to fund the sponsorships. 

He explained that the objective of the foundation is to help children go to school and get education and not a political tool.

“I started this foundation in 2004 long before I became a politician. It is not a political tool, I never use it for politics and I don’t want you to use it for politics. The money I put there is my own and not associated to my political activities,” he explained. 

The legislator urged parents not to use the foundation’s sponsorship of their children for political reasons but see to it as his contribution to their children’s education.

His background and family’s struggles, he said, was the driving force behind his decision to come up with the foundation so that he could offer a helping hand to others get access to education. 

The Foundation has helped over 2000 students and more are being recruited every year. KCPE students who score above 400 marks stand a chance to benefit from the Foundation for them to proceed to University.

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