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Opinion: Major Benefit of Lesson attendance Records That Teachers Should Take With A lot of Seriousness

All teachers who are employed under the umbrella of the teachers service commission (TSC) are always required by the commission to adhere to the set time table and he or she should attends all lessons allocated therein and also observe punctuality.

The commission had introduced the Lesson attendance records in order to keep track of teachers as far as the lesson attendance records are concerned. The lesson attendances records for all teachers in an institution should be updated regularly on the TSC TPAD. It is the mandate of Deputy head of institution to keep the lesson attendance records of all teachers in an institution. The deputy is required to undertake lesson attendance analysis for each teacher in every subject weekly

The lesson attendance is a summary of the updated and analyzed Teacher Lesson Attendance Register that is captured by the class representative showing what time a teacher came to class and the time he left. The Lesson attendance register is submitted to the Deputy Head teacher at the end of each day.

The Lesson attendance records form part of the evidence for the part B of the appraisal standards; Teacher Conduct and Professionalism which measures a teacher’s attributes, behavior, performance and adherence to the set regulations governing the teaching profession.

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