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Check out the Five Best Courses for C or C Minus Students, that can Easily Make you Rich

Having a C doesn't mean that you have failed in life, and doing a degree in the university doesn't mean guarantee you a better life. Life is personal, everyone has his or her own goals, how you utilize your time and knowledge is what matters.

Below I present to you the best courses for C plain or C minus students.

1. Web and graphic design,

With a C minus you can take this diploma course that equips you with skills on hoe to work online. Many companies demand workers with these skills, you can therefore easily easily secure a job in big companies like Airtel.

2. Accounting and finance,

With a C minus you can do this marketable diploma course to become a financial expert. Requirements are a D minus in mathematics, English and kiswahili.

3. Journalism and Mass communication,

With a C plain in English and Kiswahili, you can take this diploma course and become a media presenter and secure a job in major communication medias like the Royal media.

4. Electrical and Electronic Engineering,

With a C minus in mathematics and physics, you can undertake this wonderful diploma course that equips you with knowledge on how to deal with electricity and electric appliances. With skills from this course you can either employ yourself or get employed in major companies like Kenya power.

5. Pharmacy,

With a C plain and a relevant combination of subjects such as Biology and physics, you can join a University to undertake a diploma in pharmacy. With knowledge from this course you can start your own pharmacy or luckily secure a job in a private or public hospital.

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