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A massive blow to the university of Eldoret students as administration finally deliver their verdict

The university of Eldoret students find themselves in a bizarre situation with Helb loans disbursement in delay. Their hopes are shuttered. This current situations has really forced comrades to seek other means in order to survive.

As we all know, covid-19 pandemic has affected the normal living of citizens across the entire world. When you narrow down to oneself, you find that comrades rely on government loans to survive. Parents at home are understood to be going through hard times too. Helb loans normally try to neutralise the ground.

It is this very week that the university of Eldoret vice chancellor professor Akenga was recorded with one of the students and asked questions concerning the delay of loan disbursement. She(the VC) gave out a promising response. The prof Akenga urged students to hold on at least till the following week as the supposed person is working on it.

On 25th,Feb,2021 , the school administration released a memo which bears bad news to students. The memo is not very direct as it should be. With this kind of information, students might it forced to wait until forever as no specific dates were captured in the memo.

The above information might cause heart failure to those students who dearly rely on loan for both school fees payment as well as personal upkeep. This might be due to the fact that he or she doesn't know exactly when the loan will finally be disbursed.

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