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CBC implementation challenges

In simple terms, the Kenyan Competency based Curriculum (CBC) is a new system of education designed by the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) team and launched by the ministry of education in 2017. The CBC is designed to emphasize the significance of developing skills and knowledge and also applying those competencies to real life situations.

we teacher's know the weaknesses of CBC more than anyone else because we are the implementers.

These are some challenges that have encountered during it's implementation;

1. In every lesson the teacher mis assess whether each learner has acquired skill taught and award him marks and state reasons for the score. Therefore if a class has sixty students it will require six teachers per a lesson.

2. CBC curriculum design (formally called syllabus) shows that a lot of resources are required, most of them must be bought. The way the objectives are stated it's a clear evidence that most resources must be bought.

3 . Alot of activities have been included in CBC which requires quality time to be performed, therefore more time is required.

4. Time for LANGUAGES has been reduced which means that the CBC learners do not have enough literacy skills.

5. Authors of CBC you can not understand what they are up to. In the championship we only came across competencies and values . Nobody championed using course materials to give a true picture of CBC. As drivers we are supposed to act and not to watch.

6. CBC stresses more on ICT which unrealistic due to the fact that other schools in rural areas do not even have an access to electricity nor the ICT gadgets.Video clips on YouTube need bundles, network, ICT gadgets and power installation at all times in all schools.

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