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Fresh Dilemma Hits Teachers As Wednesday's Dissapointing Report Emerges Ahead of Opening

The students are at the middle of the one week holiday that came after schools being closed on Friday last week.The teachers and students are expected to be back in classes next week for the commencement of the term two syllabus.This time,the teachers will have no much time to waste since the weeks were reduced from the usual 39 to 30 in the 2021 academic calendar.

As students resume,the parents are worried on how they are going to pay the school fees.Two days ago,report emerged that some parents have resorted to looking for fees from the shylocks.This could be a very expensive route.

Today's disappointing report that has emerged has subjected the teachers in dilemma once more.The teachers in most cases do blame the ministry of Education for delays in disbursement of the capitation fees.Last term,the Ministry disbursed sh 17.47 billion.Unfortunately,upto now,no money has been sent to school accounts.The teachers will have to either wait for the fees from the parents to start running the school programs or seek for alternatives.This has subjected the principals in suspense.Hopefully,CS Magoha will respond on this.

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