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Why Universities may reopen sooner than you think (opinion)

In late March, president Kenyatta introduced measures that would help in reducing the spread of Corona virus that has now entered the third phase. One of the measures introduced by the president was suspension of all learning activities in the country. This affected primary schools, secondary schools and universities despite the admission of KCSE and KCPE examinations.

The set measure haven't affected universities and colleges that much since some institutions had already adopted to online mode of learning. In the previous year when learning was suspended, institutions were forced to put in place some measures to be allowed to resume their learning activities. Some of these measures included mandatory sanitization, keeping safe distance and wearing of face masks in all public places. The ministry of health together with the ministry of education inspected some institutions and approved them as safe environment for learning. This gave way for resumption of learning.

The set rules for institutions were not destroyed but maintained and put in play. Some may only need a little adjustments. This gives universities and colleges a high chance of resumption. Some institutions may only need to resume to complete their semester examination and prepare for a new semester.

Being that higher learning institutions meet most of the set guidelines by the ministry of health and the ministry of education, they stand a high chance of resuming their learning activities soon enough. Some institutions that have adopted online mode of learning will easily resume their studies.

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