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An Injustice to One Teacher is an Injustice to All Teachers

The pain of one of the teachers is the pain of all of the teachers .An injustice to one teacher is an injustice to all teachers,it's not a matter of taking a walk or knowing your place as some say ,you don't take a walk because an employer says you are short ,you work harder to prove that being short is not an issue ,you don't accept everything employer says even when it is meant to fleece from you and burden you stand up to be counted .NKPTG stands for that teacher .

TSC, KUPPET, KNUT and KUSNET should know that there is a strong difference between being a leader and being an office holder. Many people who scramble and lobby for certain offices today are doing so because they have this illusion that when they occupy the office somehow they will become leaders. The truth is that if you are not a leader before you occupy the office, the office does not have the capacity to make a leader out of you. At best you will be an office holder. 

In KNTPG we believe a leader is someone that sets the pace. A leader is someone you can follow to a place that you know not. A leader is a person who can paint a picture of the future that will cause intelligent men and women to leave their present in pursuance of that future.

A leader is a person who can see what has not yet been made manifest and who can hear words that have not yet been spoken and who can turn them into a desire and a passion in the hearts of others. A leader expresses in words the thoughts in the hearts of others. True leadership must be.

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